Qingdao Yongfangyuan Food Co., Ltd. was established in August 2004. It is located in Guozhuang Town, Pingdu. Lying in the east of Shandong Peninsula with 20km away from Pingdu in the south, Guozhuang Town is a new town with a strong development momentum in the industry and agriculture. The company is 40km away from Qingdao International Airport, 60km from Qingdao Port, 2km from Guozhuang Entrance of Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, and 4km from the entrance of China National Highway, with excellent geographical position, convenient traffic, and obvious regional advantages. Guozhuang Town is one of the main grain and vegetable production bases in Qingdao City, and the main distribution center of chilis in Shandong Peninsula, famous as the “Town of Chili”.

International business : 

Manager Liu:18660201829 

Manager Liu:13792433847   

Manager Wang:15610026962
National service: 

Manager Wei:13061345115  

Manager Zhang:15063075556
After-sale service:400-167-1777



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